A little about me

Hey Y’all,

I’m Madison! I am a 23 year old who is still trying to balance transitioning into adulthood while still trying to hold on to her childhood. Sounds fun right? Heres how I do it:

I really try to find joy in the small things in life. Like when you order a 6 count of Chick-fil-a nuggets and you get 8! It just makes your day so much better! I also like to find joy in Photography, live music, and traveling.

I have always found a passion in photography. Ever since I was a kid I was always trying to find my hands on a camera. My grannie always had one and it never failed that I would steal it from her and start taking pictures of random things until I got caught. When I was about 12 I bought my first digital camera. I took awful selfies and random pictures of grass, trees and dogs. But little did I know that in 5 years my love for photography would blossom into something beautiful. In 2012 on black Friday I finally got to buy my first cannon camera; which is still the camera that I use. Since then I have found a whole new passion for photography. I find myself in situations when I don’t have my camera and wishing I did because everything I see is a photo opp! Photography is something that I hold so near and dear to my heart. I turn to it when I am lost, stressed, sad, happy, or need a getaway. I hope y’all can find joy in my photos like I do.

Another passion of mine that I have is music. Especially live music. Living in central Texas I have the best opportunity to go see as many live shows that my little heart desires. Being in the middle of a crowd of people who love the same band, and watching that band do what they love the most the most magical thing. Seeing the joy on everyones faces on and off stage makes my heart so happy. Living in the moment rather than recording the moment is so refreshing. We live in a world of where we can see into celebrities and others lives with a touch of a screen, its nice to just disconnect for 2-3 hours and remember that none of it matters.

My favorite place in the world Florence, Italy..... (for now)
My favorite place in the world Florence, Italy….. (for now)
Girls night out in Austin, Tx.

One of the last things that I really find joy in is traveling. There is something about being in a new place and having that newness feeling overwhelm you. I always enjoyed going on mini family vacations as a kid and always feeling mesmerized by everything I saw. To this day when I travel I still get those butterflies. But as an adult I have a whole new understanding of taking everything in and really appreciating it. It inspires me to be more creative and to take as many pictures as I can. After I went to Italy I had over 5,000 images to choose from to edit! I haven’t traveled that much in my lifetime but theres still so many places that are calling my name.

These are the things that I hold onto while I’m making my way into this crazy chapter of my life. I try to remember the little things when all of the big things in my life are weighing me down. I hope that y’all can find joy in my work and hold onto it when you feel like the big things are too heavy for you to handle.

Peace and Blessing y’all,